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Caribee’s rucksacks not only match the performance of the best, they do it for great bang for your buck. Constructed from heavy duty materials, our rucksacks perform beyond limits. Practical features such as the comfortable and adjustable Vantage harness combine with layers of air mesh padding and superior lumbar support. Internal contoured aluminium frames provide maximum support and effective load distribution whilst featured molle points provide convenient attachment points for many essential hiking accessories. The Caribee military inspired rucksacks, made in Auscam material, continue to excel in the rugged outdoor environments that they have been designed to meet being a popular choice for scouts, cadets and those heading bush.
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Trident 2.0 Waterproof 32L Backpack
Trident 2.0 Waterproof 32L Backpack
Trident 2.0 Waterproof 32L Backpack